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Master of Arts, Chinese Archaeology Subplan

The M.A. program in Chinese, Archaeology Subplan, is designed for students with an interest in pursuing postgraduate research in Chinese archaeology, but who have not yet acquired the language skills or disciplinary foundation necessary to enter a Ph.D. program. The subplan is declared on Axess. Subplans are printed on the transcript and the diploma and are elected via the Declaration of Change to a Field of Study form.

Master of Arts in Chinese, Archaeology Subplan Degree Requirements:

  1. Proficiency in both modern and classical Chinese by completing
    • Third-Year Chinese through CHINLANG 103 with a minimum grade of 'B+'
    • One of three advanced classical Chinese courses
      • CHINLIT 221: Advanced Classical Chinese: Philosophical Texts
      • CHINLIT 222: Advanced Classical Chinese: Historical Narration, or
      • CHINLIT 223: Advanced Classical Chinese: Literary Essays
    •  NOTE: Qualified students may, upon consultation with the graduate adviser, be permitted to certify that they have attained the equivalent level of proficiency by passing examinations or presenting documentary evidence of attendance at a bachelor’s institution wherein Chinese is the language of instruction. Exemptions may also be granted to students who study prehistoric archaeology. Instead, these students should take required coursework relating to archaeology, which is offered through the Stanford Archaeology Center. For details students should consult with the supervisor or the graduate adviser.
  2. Complete 45 units, including the following four graduate level CHINGEN or ANTHRO subject code courses, appropriate to the Chinese Archaeology track. All courses must be passed with a minimum grade of ‘B+’.
    • Required graduate level CHINGEN and ANTHRO courses
      • CHINGEN 218: Emergence of Chinese Civilization from Caves to Palaces
      • CHINGEN 241: Constructing National History in East Asian Archaeology
      • ANTHRO 303: Introduction to Archaeological Theory
      • ANTHRO 307: Archaeological Methods
    • Two upper-division or graduate-level courses in fields such as Chinese anthropology, archaeology, art history, history, philosophy, political science and religious studies, as approved by the graduate adviser in consultation with the student’s individual adviser.
    • Submit the Master's Thesis.



Note: As a general rule of thumb, students should check the Stanford Bulletin Archives to make sure that he or she completes requirements for the year that they were martriculated. Click here for archived Stanford University Bulletins.