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EALC/SGS Undergrad Summer Internships

The EALC Department in collaboration with Stanford Global Studies (SGS) supports summer internships in the U.S. or abroad. Applications may focus on any aspect of East Asian Studies - arts, business, people & society, history, culture, technology, and politics. The internship can be related to public service or academic/policy research. 

The overall stipend base of $5,500 - $6,500 per student. Preference is given to undergraduate students majoring in East Asian Studies. Applications are due in February each year to Stanford On & Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO)

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Intern Spotlight

Youngyoon Amy Seo: The Catholic University of Korea Yeouido St. Mary’s Hospital, Seoul 2022

Being a Korean-American, I always questioned my identity; I consistently asked myself, who am I, where do I belong, can I really tell people that I know Korea well? Through my summer internship experience, I not only broadened my knowledge in corneal research, but also enhanced my Korean language skills and quickly adapted to the Korean workplace culture. At first, leaving altogether for lunch was a concept I did not understand, but this is one work culture that I will miss the most. When I worked in a lab at Stanford last summer, people usually packed their own lunches and ate on their desks. In Korea, however, everyone discusses what to eat for lunch and leaves altogether. It is this casual chat over lunch that brings all the employees together and forms tight bonds among them, and now I am part of this bond. I hope to bring this unique culture to my lab in the states as well.

What work was assigned to you during your internship? 

Wet-lab research, journal club presentations, presentations about my work in the U.S., manuscript writing, doctor shadowing.

What is your advice to future interns?

SGS has been phenomenal both years! Definitely recommend!

Darren Hall: You've Got Pictures, Seoul 2022

The last day I met up with my coworkers on the Han river and we were reflecting on the last 8 weeks we spent with each other. I asked how everyone has changed during the summer and when it came to me, they all referenced my vast improvement in spoken Korean, but when they asked me I said, “자신감이 생겼어요” which means “I gained self-confidence.” Prior to my internship I was so incredibly nervous because I had never left America OR had an internship, but during my time I went from freezing anytime I walked into a store, to ordering dinner for my entire office in Korean. Early on in my internship if I faced a problem my coworkers would provide more support than I have ever felt and it allowed me to overcome. And when a new problem arose I met it with confidence that I could complete the task. This mindset allowed me to do things like participate in meetings in Korean, create and present Powerpoints in Korean, and just feel comfortable living there. When I said self-confidence I meant it in every aspect and now I tell myself “if I could do all of that in Korea, I can do just about anything (within reason) in America."

What work was assigned to you during your internship? 

I translated documents, created trailers for our animation, created social media content videos, worked at our company’s booth at a licensing fair, and provided an American perspective in business meetings.

What is your advice to future interns?

Keep an open mind and do things outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes opportunities arise and I think it’s better to say yes than no.

Zackery Edwards: Circus Image Works, Seoul 2022

My name is Zack, and I am a junior majoring in East Asian Studies. Last summer, I worked at an animation/design company in Seoul, South Korea. At my job, I improved my Korean language ability, marketing skills, and knowledge of the animation/design industry. After work, I participated in a variety of local exchange groups and was able to make friends with many local Koreans. With the stipend, I had enough money to visit cities like Busan, Yangyang, and Jeju on the weekends. This was easily one of the best summers of my life. Pictured is my boss (left), me (middle), and supervisor (right) in front of our office.

What work was assigned to you during your internship?

Social Media Management: I posted daily to various social media accounts and was in charge of the strategy over these two months.

What is your advice to future interns?

Study as much of the local language as you can before arriving!