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The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures prepares students for B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Chinese and Japanese, and has a thriving program in Korean language and literature. 

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Confucius, Analects, tr. Roger T. Ames and Henry Rosemont, Jr.

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Under a microscope, Professor Li Liu finds and records starch grains.

Image credit: L.A. Cicero

Researchers have found evidence of ancient beer production from different kinds of crops all over the world.

From our modern point of view, beer might just be a mind-altering beverage. But in fact, it has played a significant part in human life since near the dawn of civilization.

Professor Li Liu was recently featured on the topic in a video titled "The ancient drink serving the world for 13,000 years" produced by the BBC.

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"I had the great privilege of working with some incredible scholars and mentors at EALC. Their commitment to scholarship, critical inquiry, and mentorship was inspiring. The department provided me with an intellectual home that was never hierarchical and fostered dialogic learning. My numerous conversations with professors and peers pushed me to clarify my research questions, sharpen my arguments, and chart out new territories of knowledge production. EALC was home to a friendly and welcoming community of wonderful human beings. I made some meaningful connections that have led to lifelong friendship and academic collaborations. It is with deep affection and even a great sense of nostalgia that I remember my five years at Stanford."

— Hangping Xu, Ph.D. in Chinese '18
Assistant Professor, UCSB EALC

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InclusiviTea gathering, featuring master potter Shinohara Nozomu. Photo courtesy of EALC PhD student, Jason Beckman. 

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Preparing the Grounds for Buddha's Birthday in South Korea. Photo courtesy of Professor Dafna Zur

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