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East Asian Linguistics Workshop

Similar to the East Asian Humanities Workshop, the East Asian Linguistics Workshop is sponsored by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. The workshop's purpose is to promote intra- and inter-departmental communication among faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars who share research and teaching interest in East Asia in the Stanford Community.

The East Asian Linguistics Workshop provides a forum for all who are interested in studies of language and linguistics relevant to the languages of East Asia and their users. It welcomes intellectual contributions from researchers, professionals and students (graduate and undergraduate) in the form of research presentations and general discussions during the workshop. There are invited speakers, external and internal to the Stanford/EALC community. In addition, the members of the EALC/EAS/LC communities are strongly encouraged to volunteer to present their completed or in-progress work as part of a collaborative effort to broaden and deepen our knowledge about multifaceted aspects of East Asian languages. This workshop is coordinated by graduate students and supervised by a faculty member. 

These workshops take place once a month; upcoming workshops can be found on our Events page, beginning with "East Asian Linguistics Workshop: ..." If you might not be able to attend this session but have suggestions you would like to make for future workshop activities, please feel free to email your ideas to our  faculty supervisor, Prof. Yoshiko Matsumoto (yoshikom [at] (yoshikom[at]stanford[dot]edu)), and our graduate student coordinators, Harumi Maeda (harumi56 [at] (harumi56[at]stanford[dot]edu)) and Taiga Ikedo (ikedot [at] For those interested, you may also request to join our mailing list so that you are aware of any upcoming events. Link to mailing list for upcoming events.

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