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Prospective Undergrads

Students interested in majoring or minoring in East Asian Studies should contact Cyril Millendez, Student Services Officer.

Please email Cyril Millendez or to schedule a informational or declaration meeting. During the meeting, students will go over departmental requirements to make sure that he or she understands program requirements before declaring the major or minor on Axess/Peoplesoft.

Please note that the major/minor requirements may change from year-to-year, so students should check the bulletin archive to make sure that he or she completes the major requirements from the year that he or she has declared the major. Once the major/minor declaration is approved, students will be added onto our department mailing list to be notified of upcoming department events/opportunities relevant undergraduates in our department. Students' names and program(s) of study will also be added to our department website, under the Undergraduates section.