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Minor Requirements

The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures offers minor degrees in the following:

  • East Asian Studies
  • East Asian Studies, China Subplan (replaces Chinese minor)
  • East Asian Studies, Japan Subplan (replaces Japanese minor)
  • East Asian Studies, Korea Subplan

The undergraduate minors in Chinese and Japanese have been designed to give students majoring in other departments an opportunity to gain a substantial introduction to Chinese or Japanese language, as well as an introduction to the culture and civilization of East Asia. The minors consist of a minimum of 20 units from the following requirements: One introductory core course, below. Three other departmental courses in the relevant field approved by the adviser, and language requirement as listed below.

The goal of the minor in East Asian Studies is to provide the student with a broad background in East Asian culture as a whole, while allowing the student to focus on a geographical or temporal aspect of East Asia. The minor may be designed from the following, for a total of six courses and a minimum of 20 units. All courses should be taken for a letter grade.

The Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages offers a "Minor in Translation Studies" which may be of interest to students in East Asian Languages and Cultures. The DLCL, in cooperation with EALC and the English Department, teaches undergraduates to develop and apply their foreign language knowledge to the production and analysis of translations. The minor is designed to give students majoring in a variety of fields the tools to consider the practical and theoretical issues brought up by translation as an aesthetic, cultural, and ethical practice. Click here for more information on the "Minor in Translation Studies."