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East Asian Studies, Korea Subplan

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies, Korea Subplan

The Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies, Korea Subplan, offers students the ability to study East Asia with a special focus on Korean culture and language. The following requirements are in addtion to the University's basic requiremenets for the bachelor's degree. Students must take all courses for a letter grade, and the courses as well as their prerequisites must be completed with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better.

  1. Gateway courses: Students must take two gateway courses appropriate to the East Asian Studies, Japan Subplan. Courses can be from the “East Asian Gateway Course Cluster” and/or the “Gateway Course Cluster for the Korea Subplan." At least one of the two gateway courses chosen must be taught by a member in the EALC department. List of Approved Gateway Courses.
  2. Proficiency of the modern Korean language, at the third year level: Students take a minimum of 3 years of modern Korean language courses. Students should take a language assessment test offered at the Language Center to determine language proficiency before signing up for classes.
  3. Additional courses: Students must take additional content courses to fulfill the requirement. The following courses selected should be discussed with the Director of Undergraduate Studies for approval.
    1. Take 6 KOREA courses at the 100-level, a minimum of two 100-level courses must be offered by the department.
    2. Amongst the list of "Additional courses," all students must take KOREA 120: Narratives of Modern and Contemporary Korea, our Writing in the Major (WIM) course
  4. Capstone Requirement: Students enroll in EALC 198: Senior Colloquium winter quarter of the senior year with other seniors to complete the Senior Capstone Essay or Honors Thesis. A capstone essay is approximately 7,500 words, and the honors thesis approximately 15,000.

For questions or inquiries regarding the major, please contact our department student services officer, Ai Tran (