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S/NC Courses For Spring 2020

Apr 6 2020

To All EALC Students (majors, minor, graduate students):

This is to tell you that the Faculty Senate has decided that all courses offer in the spring quarter (in the School of Humanities and Sciences) will be graded on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis. Because of this, for Spring Quarter our Department is waiving all requirements for letter grades in courses taken to satisfy degree requirements (for majors, minor, and M.A. and Ph.D. students). Spring Quarter courses taken for S/NC will count toward degree requirements. Please note that classes taken for S/NC will still need to meet other requirements specific to the degree.

If you have any questions about which courses will satisfy which degree requirements, please check with EALC's student services officer (

Stay safe and healthy!

Ronald Egan
EALC Department Chair