Introducing Our Incoming Graduate Cohort

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We would like to introduce our incoming graduate cohort for Autumn 2023!  We send the members a very warm welcome: we're so glad you're joining the EALC department.

Here are brief profiles provided by each of the incoming students:

Michael Baiamonte, incoming Chinese PhD student
I was born and raised in Florida. I have studied Chinese since high school. From FSU, I have a BS in neuroscience and equivalent coursework for a BA in Chinese language and culture; I pursued a career in the humanities for my M.A. degree, which is in EALC with a focus on Chinese language and culture. I have been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy since childhood. My academic research interest is in Chinese diasporic literature, with my past work focusing on neuroaesthetic analysis of these works. My notable research thus far has focused on Nieh Hualing’s work Mulberry and Peach.

William Varteresian, incoming Japanese PhD student
William Varteresian received a B.A. in International Literary and Cultural Studies from Tufts University and an A.M. in Regional Studies East Asia from Harvard University. He has since pursued a career in Japanese media translation, including novels, film, television, and comics. Following past research into the way Japanese mystery and science fiction engage with imported works and orientalist narratives, his current focus is on the formation and development of the fantasy genre in modern Japanese literature. In addition to original fiction—especially by authors not represented in English translation or scholarship—he seeks to highlight the work and influence of Japanese translators and critics.

Zhixin Zhou, incoming Chinese Linguistics PhD student
Zhixin Zhou’s research interests include grammaticalization, syntax, and teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Before starting her Ph.D., Zhixin received her B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Foreign Studies University and her M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University. Her master's thesis focuses on the differences between the grammaticalization of yào and xiǎng in Mandarin and their pedagogical implications.

Fengyi Lin, incoming MA student
My general research interests lie in literature and philosophy. Currently, my project focuses on the local adaptation of Western critical theories in modern East Asian literature (starting in the 19th century). Specifically, I examine (1) how Western thoughts were imported into East Asia and (2) the inner dynamics within East Asia in response to these thoughts. I hope to continue exploring this project on modernity and develop a deeper understanding of pre-modern East Asian literature and philosophy in the Chinese MA program. Before coming to Stanford, I received my BA in Comparative Literature and BS in Mathematics from UCLA. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and hiking.

Brady Turpin, incoming MA student
Prior to studying at Stanford, Brady received two Bachelor's degrees in Chinese and Arabic Language from Brigham Young University in 2023. His research interests include: translation studies and the role translation plays in cultural exchange, the role of Islam in Chinese literature, speculative fiction, and modern Sinophone literatures.

Nan Xu, incoming MA student
My study revolves around modern and contemporary film, literature, and popular culture in China. Currently, I am interested in mass media and visual culture in the context of Communist China, with a particular focus on Beijing culture and science fiction during this period. I am passionate about exploring comparative studies between China and the rest of the world. Through my work, I hope to shed light on the intricate dynamics of Chinese society and its global interactions through the lens of media, film, and literature. Beyond my studies, I have a keen interest in traveling, photography, and language learning. Background: Beijing Normal University (BA) / University of Cambridge (MPhil).

Vivien (Enjia) Zhang, incoming MA student
I spent my undergraduate years in practicing performance art, doing media studies, and working in various art administration roles. Transitioning from an art school (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) to a research-based program, I hope to fuse my previous artistic experience with my research and writing in Chinese popular culture. Outside of school, I enjoy searching for places to eat, going to art exhibitions, playing arcade games, and trying out different stuff with my friends.

Hanqi Zhou, incoming MA student
Hanqi received her B.A. in Chinese language and literature at Fudan University in June 2023. Her current research interests focus on Medieval Chinese literature, especially the Ci-poetry and tales in Song Dynasty. Topics she wishes to explore include gender, pre-modern anecdotal writing, and vernacular culture. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, swimming, and playing Gu-Zheng (a 21-stringed traditional Chinese instrument).

Ningyuan Zhou, incoming MA student
I was born and raised in China, and spent 4 years before in Canada for undergrad education (UBC). I have an enormous interest in Chinese literature and religious traditions and I look forward to investigating further in these fields at Stanford.