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Faculty Awards I Graduate Student Awards I Undergraduate Awards

EALC would like to recognize our department members' accomplishments. A few are mentioned here:


Faculty Award Recipients

Yoshiko Matsumoto, Stanford Changing Human Experience Grant, 2020-21
Part of Stanford's Long-Range Vision, intended to foster research in the humanities and social sciences that explores our changing world, including our changing bodies, minds, globe and political structures.
Dafna Zur, Phi Beta Kappa Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2020-2021
The Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize recognizes excellence in teaching and the ability to inspire intellectual and personal development in and beyond the classroom. 
Dafna Zur, NextGen Scholar, 2020-2021
The U.S.-Korea NextGen Scholars Program is an initiative by CSIS Korea Chair and USC Korean Studies Institute with support from The Korea Foundation to help mentor the next generation of Korea specialists in the United States. 
Dafna Zur, Stanford Humanities Center Manuscript Review Workshop, 2016-17
The Manuscript Review Workshops provide timely feedback to faculty members who are preparing monographs or other academic manuscripts of similar scope for submission for publication.
Haiyan Lee, ACLS Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship, 2015-16
Residential fellowships support long-term, unusually ambitious projects undertaken by recently tenured scholars in the humanities and related social sciences, with the  goal of producing a major piece of scholarly work.

Graduate Award Recipients

Blakemore Freeman Fellowship

Blakemore Foundation Grants for graduating seniors, college graduates, graduate students and working professionals for an academic year abroad in full-time intensive Asian language study. 

  • 2018-19: Elise Huerta

Centennial Teaching Assistant Award

The Centennial Teaching Assistant (CTA) Award recognizes outstanding teaching assistants (TAs) for their tremendous service and dedication in providing excellent classroom instruction for Stanford students

  • 2021: Lin Meng Walsh
  • 2019: Jiajing Wang
  • 2017: Paul Ganir
  • 2015: Hangping Xu

G.J. Pigott Scholars Program Award

This competitive award, a gift from the Pigott family, recognizes graduate students in the Humanities whose work is of the highest quality.  

  • 2021-22: Matthew Palmer

Society for American Archeology's Dissertation Award

The Society for American Archaeology Awards recognize and honor knowledge and professional achievements at all career levels--from student and early career archaeologists to those who have made lasting contributions to the Society and the profession. 

  • 2019: Hao Zhao

Southwest Conference for Asian Studies (SWCAS) - Best Graduate Student Paper Award

  • 2020: Melissa Hosek

Stanford Alumni Association Student Awards - Graduate Student Community Impact Award

The Stanford Alumni Association recognizes graduate students who have enhanced the Stanford community through their exemplary leadership of a student organization, creation of an event or program, or other unique campus contribution. These outstanding students have fostered a sense of belonging and inspired enthusiasm among fellow grad students.

  • 2020: Melissa Hosek
  • 2019: David Hazard

Stanford Humanities Center Dissertation Prize Fellowship

The SHC Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowships are awarded to doctoral students whose work is of the highest distinction and promise. Recipients have offices at the Humanities Center and take part with other graduate and faculty fellows in the Center's programs, promoting humanistic research and education at Stanford.

  • 2019-20:  Mei Li Inouye

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF)

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) is a competitive University-wide program that awards three-year fellowships to outstanding doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research

  • 2020: Maciej Kurzynski (Satre Family Fellow)

Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

The Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship recognizes advanced humanities doctoral students whose work is of the highest quality and who demonstrate the promise of further outstanding achievement.

  • 2021-22: Elise Huerta


Undergraduate Award Recipients

James J. Y. Liu Prize for Distinguished Undergraduate Work in Asian Languages and Cultures

EALC Departmental Prize awarded to an undergraduate student who has written an outstanding essay on the literature or culture of China, Japan, or Korea.

  • 2021: Christopher Rielage; Enshia Li
  • 2020: Won-Gi Jung; Christopher Rielage
  • 2019: Linda Zhou
  • 2018: Lilian Kong; Kelsey Reardon
  • 2017: Kelsey Reardon
  • 2016: Austin Clapp
  • 2015: Anthony Ding; Sarah Elizabeth Simmons

Kung-Yi Kao Prize for Outstanding Progress in the Study of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Language

EALC Departmental Prize awarded to an outstanding undergraduate in an Asian Language Study.

  • 2021: Kiara Harding (Japanese Language); Araya Sornwanee (Chinese Language)
  • 2020: Kiara Harding (Japanese Language); Megan Faircloth (Korean Language)
  • 2019: Shadi Barhoumi (Chinese Language); Fei Fang (Japanese Language)
  • 2018: Jesse Burkett (Japanese Language); Katharina Brown (Chinese Language); Isabella Cai (Chinese Language)
  • 2017: Emily Franklin (Japanese Language)
  • 2016: Herman Chau (Japanese Language); Lilian Kong (Chinese Language); Steven Pham (Japanese Language)
  • 2015: Joshua Scrivner (Japanese Language); Laura Conigliaro (Chinese Language)

Heidi Chou Fund Award

Funding awarded to undergraduate students for the purpose of enhancing their Chinese language skills

  • 2020: Clare Phelps
  • 2019: Christine Xue; Lyndon DeFoe; Alexis Kuppersmith; Jaymi McNabb; Cole McFaul; Araya Sornwarnee; Rachel Gardner; Michelle Huang; Barry Cheung; Christopher Rielage; Emma Sylvester Bowers
  • 2018: Cora Cliburn; Aayan Das; Carling Suzanne Hank; Jiyoung Jeong; Renata Starbird Lim; Adrian Liu; Emily Ruan; Liliana Taylor

Korea Program Prize for Writing in Korean Studies

  • 2020: Won-Gi Jung