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Master of Arts

Our department offers Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in Chinese and in Japanese. On average, students complete program requirements and receive their degree is two years. The University's basic requirements for the master's degree, including a 45-unit minimum requirement, are given in the "Graduate Degrees" section of the University Bulletin.

The EALC MA Degree requires a master's thesis or an annotated translation of a text of suitable literary or historical worth. Under special circumstances, a paper approved by the graduate adviser may be substituted.


Financing the MA degree

A master’s degree is a significant investment in your future, and financing your education is a critical factor to consider. 

The EALC Department is unable to offer financial aid to MA students but encourage our students to seek outside funding and fellowship opportunities. 
Generally, our MA students fund their program with a variety of sources including external scholarships, student loans, and personal savings. 

We are unable to offer financial aid to applicants who apply for the M.A., but encourage our students to seek outside funding/fellowships.

  • Student loans are offered by Stanford’s central financial aid office
  • The Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) program aims to prepare the next generation of global leaders to address the increasingly complex challenges facing the world. The program selects up to 100 students each year and provides financial support for the full cost of attendance for master’s studies at Stanford. Knight-Hennessy applications are usually due in mid-October, prior to the EALC application deadline. 


General notes:

  • Students who wish to spend the first year of graduate study at the Beijing or Yokohama Centers must obtain department approval first.
  • Candidates for the degree must be in residence at Stanford in California during the final quarter of registration.


For questions about the Master of Arts program, please email