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Applying to the Ph.D.

The Application Deadline for 2022-23 admissions will be on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 11:59 pm PST.  

Our department offers Doctoral Programs in Chinese, and Japanese. All students contemplating application for admission to graduate study must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. Candidates for the degree are expected to acquire a thorough familiarity with Chinese or Japanese literature and linguistics, an adequate command of relevant languages, and a comprehensive knowledge of East Asian history, social institutions, and thought. The applicant need not have majored in Chinese or Japanese as an undergraduate, but must have had the equivalent of at least three years of training in the language in which he or she intends to specialize, and must also demonstrate a command of English adequate for the pursuit of graduate study. Applicants should not wish merely to acquire or improve language skills, but to pursue study in one of the following fields:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chinese
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chinese, Archaeology Subplan
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Japanese
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Japanese, Linguistics Track


Application Requirements:

1.  Application Form
The application form is completed online through the University Graduate Admissions website.

2.  Application Fee
There is an application fee of $125.  Fee waivers are available for eligible students.

3.  Statement of Purpose

4.  Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
In light of COVID-19, GRE testing will be optional for 2021-2022 Graduate Admissions.

5.  Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
The University sets the TOEFL score requirements, submission information, and waiver request which can be found on the University Graduate Admissions website.

6.  Official Transcripts
Transcripts are required from all prior college level schools attended for at least one year.  A scanned copy of the official transcript is submitted as part of the online application.  Please do not mail hard copy transcripts to the department at the time of application.  We will contact you at a later date if we need an official transcript.   

7.  Letters of Recommendation
Three letters of recommendation are required.  Recommenders must submit their letters through the online system and paper letters will not be accepted.  In deciding whom to ask for letters of recommendation, give preference to people who have taught you and/or directed your research activities, or people who know you and your work well. Late letters may be submitted but we cannot guarantee review of materials received after the deadline. 

8.  Writing Sample
A writing sample is required, preferably in a related topic, but in any case something that displays your research abilities and writing skills.  The writing sample is also submitted with the online application and we do not accept any paper application materials. 


For more information regarding the application process and eligibility, please visit Stanford's Grad Admissions webpage.

 Applicants must apply online through our University website: Stanford Graduate Admissions: Starting Your Application.