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East Asian Linguistics Workshop: "Sentence Final Particles and Knowledge Management" by Yukinori Takubo

Yukinori Takubo
Fri May 26th 2023, 4:30 - 6:00pm
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East Asian Linguistics Workshop
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Yukinori Takubo


In Japanese, sentence final particles are often classified based on whether the information expressed in the sentence is new or presupposed. However, the combined form of "yo" and "ne," which is "yone," presents a contradiction since "yo" indicates new information while "ne" indicates shared information. To address this issue, Takubo and Kinsui (1997) characterized the lexical features of "yo" and "ne" as registering new information in the I-domain for "yo" and confirming the results of information calculation for "ne." They also assumed that the information calculation for "yone" is sequential rather than simultaneous.

However, it is important to note that the use of "yone" or "ne" in conversation discourse may still involve assumptions about the listener's knowledge or presuppositions about shared knowledge.

In this talk, we will explore the role of "theory of mind" and different types of memory, such as working memory, episodic memory, and long-term memory, in communication regarding the knowledge management calculations that involve sentence final particles.



Professor Yukinori Takubo served as the Director-General of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) from October 2017 to March 2023, and currently holds the position of Professor Emeritus at NINJAL and Kyoto University. He is also an invited professor at NINJAL. He received his D. Lit. in linguistics from Kyoto University.

His research interests include generative syntax, pragmatics, discourse management theory, Mental Spaces, formal semantics, and the description and documentation of Ryukyuan languages, sister languages of Japanese. His academic publications have appeared in various journals, including Gengo Kenkyu, Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan, Journal of Japanese Linguistics, and Journal of Pragmatics.  He has authored and co-authored many books, book series, and special issues of journals, such as the Theory and Practice of Language Faculty Science (Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton, 2020), Minami Ryukyu Miyako Ikema Hoogen Ziten (Dictionary of Ikema, a variety of Miyako Ryukyuan) (Tachikawa: NINJAL, 2022), Handbook of Japanese Semantics and Pragmatics (Boston/Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton), Nihongo no Kozo: Suiron to Chisikikanri (Structure of Japanese: Inference and Knowledge Management) (Tokyo: Kurosio Publishers), Kiso Nihongo Bunpou (Essential Japanese Grammar) (Tokyo: Kurosio Publishers), Shijishi (Demonstratives) (Tokyo: Kurosio Publishers), Iwanami Series of Language SciencesGengo Kenkyu, and Journal of Semantics.

Professor Takubo was editor-in-chief of Gengo Kenkyu, Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan, and served as vice president of Japan Cognitive Science Science Society and as the President of the Linguistic Society of Japan.

Before his current position, he was a full-time visiting lecturer at Dongguk University in Korea, associate professor at Kobe University, professor at Kyushu University, and professor at Kyoto University. He has also taught at the LSA Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Carleton College.

He is currently constructing a web-based museum for the documentation of endangered languages in Ryukyu, and a prototype of this museum can be accessed at