Confucius Institute Fellows 2013-2014

Xiao Rao, 1st year Ph.D. in Chinese literature. Xiao Rao received his M.A. degree from University of Colorado at Boulder. He works on pre-modern Chinese literature, religion and intellectual history. He published a translation of Jin Shengtan’s preface to the twenty-eighth chapter of Shuihu zhuan in Renditions no.80.

Adrian Thieret, is a Ph.D. candidate in modern Chinese literature. He was a 2012 Blakemore Freeman Fellow for Korea, and has also studied in Japan. His background in the languages and cultures of all three countries brings a comparative perspective to his research on contemporary East Asia. Adrian's dissertation research focuses on Chinese science fiction literature, and his primary thematic interests include transnational culture, translation, socialist ecology, environmental crisis, cosmopolitanism, utopianism, and literary historiography.